Whitewater Rafting - Rafting on White Water Rivers

Whitewater Rafting - A thrilling leisure activity or a dangerous sport.

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Is it a thrilling leisure activity or a dangerous sport? It is probably a combination of the two. Since it began in the 1970 it has certainly become a lot safer with legislated safety measures, better qualified operators and much improved equipment. In the past rivers have been known to swallowed up whole expeditions. Nowadays the overall risk, when using experienced operators, is considered as low. It is also now a competitive sport with international and world championship events. This competitive element of rafting began in the mid 90's.


This is a unified body which represents the rafting fraternity and deals with exclusively with rafting issues and the development of rafting. It understands that rafting is both a recreational pursuit and a competitive sport and that is accessible to the general public through commercial tourism operators, sport and recreation clubs.

It believes that Rafting has a social value and a source of freewill and perseverance, one of the last strongholds of fair-play and respect for opponents, an initiation into team spirit and camaraderie. It also feels that rafting is a low environmental impact activity that creates awareness of conservation and environmental appreciation.

Listings for White Water Rafting