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Unlike most of the outdoor activities on this website, skateboarding is an urban sport. Sometimes it is considered an extreme sport although to skaterboarders it is often seen as an art form, hobby or just a means of transport. It is a relatively modern sport, appearing in the 1950's in California when it was known as Sidewalk Surfing. Now it is often called street surfing.

It grew as a sport until the mid sixties when its popularity dropped. However interest was renewed in the seventies with the arrival of the polyeurathane wheel. Companies then started designing new trucks (axles). Manouverbililty increased which in turn gave the skateboarder more control.

Skateboarders starting inventing new tricks some of which were quite dangerous. Skateboards were completely banned in Norway for 11 years! Another downside of the dangerous aspect was the closure of many skate parks due to high-liability costs.

Now the sport of skate boarding is growing but is mainly dominated by street skating. It seems to be very much a male dominated sport though - the majority of riders being teenage boys and young men!

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